Surf With Him - Christian Surf Camps

2017 June 26 - Boys and Girl's Harbor - Galveston, TX



Benefitting:  Boys and Girl's Harbor

When:  June 26, 2017, 9am

Where:  26th and Seawall, Galveston, TX

SurfWithHim 2017 is in the record books! A great time was had by all which included two baptisms. The young man giving the thumbs up was baptized at our event two years ago. He has since graduated from high school and came back to the event to let us know he would be pursuing a vocation in ministry. Praise the Lord for our brother in Christ, Keith. Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors. We are making a difference in these young people's lives thanks to your efforts. 



Bein Sambilay

Businelle Company, LLC

Goode Company

Kryger Family

Lain Family

UBC Parenteen Class

...and many, many more!


God is good!