Surf With Him - Christian Surf Camps

2015 July 27 - Boys and Girl's Harbor - Galveston, TX

Once again, the Lord, Donor's, and Volunteers made it happen!

The third annual Surf With Him surf camp in Galveston Texas benefitting the Boys and Girls Harbor ( of La Porte, Texas went off with perfection! 

The harbor operates comprehensive care for children and families in crisis. For children who are experiencing family hardship, neglect, abandonment or abuse, the Harbor provides a family environment in a home setting.  (located in La Port, TX.)  With the help of about 20 volunteers, we gave these kids what might be a one-time opportunity to experience the joy of surfing.  We took 28 of their 11 to 17 year olds on a bus down to Galveston where Ohana Surf ( gave a 2 hour class at 28th and Seawall, near Galveston’s Pleasure Pier.

The kids showed up at 9:30am and had surf Lessons from 10-12.  We then served Texas's best BAR-B-Q from Goode Company followed by Dr. Jerry Goff giving the good news of Christ and offering baptisms in the ocean.  To everyone's absolute delight, 7 of the 25 students accepted the Lord's invitation and were baptized in the ocean! One young student let us know that she had been praying for this event and for her friends to be open to the invitation. How very wonderful!  Once again, from 1-3, the kids surfed their brains out!

This took a small army  to coordinate, donate, and volunteer, so THANK YOU for your donations, volunteering, and your prayers.  As is usually the case , everyone involved received 10 times what they donated back in pure joy .  God is good! 


Benefitting:  Boys and Girl's Harbor

When:  July 27, 2015, 9am

Where:  Galveston, TX



Bein Sambilay

Businelle Company, LLC

Goode Company

Kryger Family

Lain Family


God is good!